All the ready built clocks on this site are also available in kit form for those who would prefer to build a clock themselves.
Although the purist would say that the only way to build a clock is from plans, and cut the gears themselves, many people have neither the equipment, the patience or the skills to do so. The only skills required to complete the kit are basic soldering and wood finishing. Although the build instructions do not cover all details relating to finishing, much of this can be found on the Internet. Wood finishing is such a wide subject, it cannot be summarised in a few paragraphs of text.
All wooden parts except for the remontoire assembly, are CNC cut from beech veneered MDF and 6mm baltic birch plywood. The remontoire assembly is laser cut from 3mm plywood.

The base requires gluing together prior to finishing, after which the electronics can be installed into the base. After fitting the bearings into the frame, the frame can be installed into the precut slot or slots in the base.
The shafts are then cut to length and the clock wheels are assembled and fitted. This is obviously a slimmed down version of the actual assembly procedure.

Please note that all manuals are supplied in PDF format as an attachment. Hard copies will be supplied at extra cost.
Download a copy of the manual for the Penguin here.